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Frequently asked questions
1. Should I Rent, Buy or Invest?

Everyone wants to own their dream home, however with today's rising home prices actually purchasing the home you want may not be an option. With the increasing population the pressure to supply housing at a reasonable cost is just a dream in most suburbs.

The other option of renting may be more appealing as you can choose the suburb and style of home without having to pay a hefty mortgage. In either case the decision lies in your personal aspirations, what you are willing to settle for and what your personal finances allow you.

The alternate scenario is investing in property. For younger people still living at home studying this mayb e an ideal stepping stone to allow a foot into the real estate market. Investing in an affordable apartment will provide the rents and capital growth to allow the investor to smoothly purchase their own home in due time.

Alternatively many people invest in a property and live in a rental property a much more attractive home than they could afford to purchase.

There are many alternative scenarios that can be used to create wealth including long term and short term properties which when used correctly can rapidy increase your wealth creation and improve your life style.

To Rent or to Buy

Home ownership is the great dream. The recent boom in house prices showed just how effective property can be as a means of building wealth. But rising house prices have also made home ownership less affordable for thousands of Indians. So are you better to buy or is renting the way to go? Deciding whether to rent or buy means weighing up your financial, lifestyle and personal goals.

The Case for Renting

Renting a home offers many advantages. In most cases, your monthly rental will be cheaper than paying off a mortgage (assuming you pay the usual 10 to 20 per cent deposit). Renting is also more flexible and less complicated. If something goes wrong, the owner pays to fix it, not you. Renting is also about lifestyle. You might be able to rent a nice flat or a townhouse in City, but could you afford to buy it?

The case for buying

The obvious advantage of buying a home is that you are investing in an asset that should grow in value over time. Moreover, each mortgage payment brings you closer to owning your home outright. Home ownership gives you security and control. You can alter your home whenever you like. And the high repayments in the early years of a loan force you to save money you might otherwise splurge.

2. Should i sell?

11 Steps to selling your home

1. If your garden is neat, flowers and shrubs are trimmed, lawns are cut and edged and all exterior rubbish is removed, people will be more likely to want to see inside the house.

2. Consider painting the outside. Remove any peeling paint. Fresh paint on your fences and outside will not cost you much but could add thousands of Rupees to the value of the house.

3. If your garden looks untidy, consider using a landscaper, especially if the rest of the property looks attractive. Get a few quotes to dress up your garden.

4. Give your home a good cleaning, including windows, carpets, curtain etc. It will make it far more appealing. A clean house shows you looked after and cared for it.

5. Repair leaking taps and showers. Clean any discoloration off sinks. It is a sign of faulty plumbing. Repair sticking windows and doors. Fix warped drawers, loose doorknobs and other minor flaws, and repair your insect screens and broken window panes.

6.Display the storage capabilities of your house. Remove all unnecessary things from cupboards, spare rooms and garage. In fact, have a garage sale before you sell. You will have some cash for the repairs and advertising!

7. Make your rooms appear bigger by removing and storing excess furniture. Do it, especially if the rooms are small. A mini storage only costs a small amount.

8. Keep stairways and all walkways clear. It's dangerous for prospective purchasers and makes the house look cluttered.

9. Impress the purchaser with well decorated, bright, clean bathrooms and kitchens. Often the decision to buy is based on an attractive kitchen and bathroom. Hang new bright towels in the bathroom. Maybe use the old vanilla trick, with a few drops baked in the oven. It will fill the kitchen with a sweet, pleasant smell that will bring images of warmth and good home cooking.

10. Brightness and light shows off your house to its best advantage. Turn on the lights. Open the blinds. Let the light in.

11. Prepare a written description of your house, and the area. Tell people why it's a good place to live in and buy. Always tell the truth. Truth sells, exaggeration doesn't! Imagine you are writing to your best friend, telling them everything about your house and where you live. This will make your description more human, warm and appealing. Have copies made to give to people who inspect your house to help them remember your house. They may be looking at 5 other houses the same day.

The better prepared you are and the better you plan, the better the chance of success. We wish you all the best in selling your property.

3. What is required in order to secure a property for rent in Doha?

A potential tenant typically needs to provide the following documents in order to rent a property in Qatar:

  • Residency permit
  • Qatar ID card
  • A copy of the sponsor’s ID card when signing the lease.
  • In the event these items are not required, a company may rent a property on behalf of an employee.

    4.What do I need to secure a property that I am interested in leasing?

    Most landlords will allow you to hold the property if you pay for the security deposit in advance. This deposit is considered as intent to rent and may not be given back if you decide that you no longer want to rent the unit.

    5.Is a security deposit refundable?

    The value of a security deposit is typically equivalent to one month’s rent and is refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement (minus any relevant deductions for damages), providing the tenant has upheld all of the terms and conditions that were stipulated in the tenancy contract.

    6.How long is a usual tenancy contract?

    Most tenancy contacts are agreed upon for one full year. Some higher-end places may require a two-year commitment.

    7.Will my lease automatically be renewed?

    Most tenancy contracts will specify that a renewal must be agreed upon by both parties once the existing lease has expired.

    8.What does a landlord or real estate agent require for a tenancy contract?

    All tenants must have a security deposit, post-dated cheques for rent, a passport, and a residential visa to obtain a lease.

    9.Who is responsible for the maintenance of the rental property?

    The landlord is typically responsible for any property maintenance, which would be clarified in the property’s lease agreement. If there is a maintenance issue, it should be brought to the landlord’s or property manager’s attention as soon as possible.

    10.Can I make changes to the structure of the rental unit?

    Unless otherwise agreed, no structural or permanent changes can be made to the property unless they are first approved by the landlord.

    11.How much can I afford to pay for a home?

    Depending on your lifestyle, most people can afford to spend 25% to 30% of their gross income on housing. This amount should include all property fees and utilities.

    12.What are my financing options for purchasing a home in Qatar?

    There are several banks to choose from in Qatar, of which include, The Commercial Bank of Qatar, HSBC Qatar, Qatar National Bank, and Doha Bank offer mortgages to finance property.

    13.What is the average interest rate for a mortgage in Qatar?

    Interest rates and financing fees vary from bank to bank, so we would recommend speaking to your AJAJ representative for the most up to date data and advice.

    14.What is the maximum length for a mortgage in Qatar?

    Under almost all circumstances, banking institutions will not offer a mortgage with terms greater than 20 years.

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